What gives?

Friends, things, time. It seems as though God has taken and taken giving nothing in return. I know that it's all for my good. I just want to know When you're gonna stop taking And start giving back When will I see progress See what I already have Borne in the spirit Developed in my … Continue reading What gives?

Tall grass

Gods' protection's in the Promotion you didn't get He saved you from destruction Of your own temperament Tall grass reaching To your knees Too much for you to handle Lord knows it ain't a breeze To fight both your inner Enemies and external ones too Let alone maintain character Integrity and stay true To yourself … Continue reading Tall grass

Mirrored Image

Each trial will reveal a piece of Him as we grow closer and yet closer still to mirror his nature and character in the earth. Usually when I think I've gotten close to learning one lesson, here comes another piece of sandpaper rubbing another flaw of mine. It makes me wonder, hey Whatcha want from … Continue reading Mirrored Image

Divinely Refined: The Dorothy project

God has, and ever will be, refining me. And that's a good thing. Although, It doesn't take long For God to do what he do Prepare, refine And to process you For consumption - For human race to taste Yes, I am grateful for this Time spent with you You've brought me, taught me The … Continue reading Divinely Refined: The Dorothy project

Feeling the Vibes

Do I feed off of you or do you feed from me I mean personality wise, How am I supposed to be With some folks I'm serious With others I can be mello I'm one way with my girls And another with my fellow It depends I suppose What energy you bring In which case … Continue reading Feeling the Vibes