Status of the heart

Have I been demoted from Girlfriend to friend If so how did that happen I'd like to know when Did my status change And become less not more I thought I'd won you over Although I wasn't keeping score My heart is breaking Aching Cause I'm shaken Up now my heart Let's make a fresh … Continue reading Status of the heart

A listening heart

Relationships can be tricky What's meant to be a connection Has become a point of contention Some topics are off limits Others should never be mentioned Again once forgiven Not discussed or brought up You know what's a trigger What things' a bitter cup For your partner Hurtful things from their past Things that still … Continue reading A listening heart

Understanding understood

I don't wanna be right I'd rather be with you I don't want to argue, Fight or confuse Talking with communication Cause sometimes it's not done Arguing solves nothing No fight has ever won The heart of the revelers Given insight or truth In order to build trust I must first understand you For it's … Continue reading Understanding understood


My heart beats faster When I see your face It still gives me chills Thinking of an embrace Between the two of us But for right now I must Let life run its course Now in time I must wait Let God do his work Only he knows our fate dorothy's page © 2019 Dorothy … Continue reading Fateful

The Key

How'd you get in there Did I give you the key To my heart I mean Did you get it from me Who gave you permission To make yourself at home In my heart I mean Where you freely roam Day in and day out In my memory seek out Space for you to Race … Continue reading The Key