Ramblings in the kitchen

My mom started her day With the end Cooking dinners first Was how she'd spend Her early waking mornings At the start of her day After dinner she'd fix lunch Then breakfast our way Which was usually Cereal and sometimes toast We loved the fruity kind Or the crunchy ones most Of all we loved … Continue reading Ramblings in the kitchen

Happy meals

If happy while you're cooking They'll feel the happy as they eat The mood in which you prepare Gives the eater extra treats For while you prepare Your spirit does too So don't cook when you're angry Or the meal prove That your heart wasn't willing You had ill intent The food will taste bland … Continue reading Happy meals

What’s for dinner

Have you ever been hungry but didn't know what you were hungry for then by the time you decide what you have a taste for lunch is over? Yeah, that feeling. I hate when I'm hungry but I don't have An appetite I mean I know I should be eating But what, and why Should … Continue reading What’s for dinner

Speaking Foodishly

Food. I love it. For those of us who are lovers of food, we are a different breed altogether. For to us, food is more than sheer nourishment for the body - it is love expressed from the heart of the preparer. We consume it. The Love. The hate. The madness. Whatever the mood of … Continue reading Speaking Foodishly

Pondering Wondering

I was wondering what should I write today Should I write something fresh or just cut and paste Some writing or poem From the past Or should I mull over my day And just write something fast I don't know They both sound like cheating Especially while I'm writing And I'd rather be eating A … Continue reading Pondering Wondering