Book help for Christmas

Here's a fellow blogger, a fractured faith blog (see the link below), seeking a literary agent for urban fantasy. Check it out and see if you are able to help. Pass it on. Maybe we can get a literary agent for Christmas. 🎁 👈 dorothy's page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

In His Image

Have you ever read in scripture where God made statements of low self esteem? Or spoke negatively over himself? Yeah, me either. So, How you gon' have low self steem When you're created in his image You better check the mirror And correct your visage and say what he says about you and walk in … Continue reading In His Image

What’s in a Name…Again?

It's me, again! Here's another prime example of my name showing up in random places. I totally forgot about this one. Who names their socks?! SOCKS?! Apparently this company does. Yesterday I told you about how my name serves as a breadcrumb trail for the path to my destiny. How *my name proceeds me when … Continue reading What’s in a Name…Again?

Branding Me

Some people dislike labels because they feel restricted and limited. Me? I've always wanted one. To me, it gives me a sense of belonging in this world. A sense of purpose, focus for my life. Oh how I'd love to be defined. My identity has been Something I've wanted to know Who am I what … Continue reading Branding Me