When food has no flavor and music has no beat seasoning lost its Savor eyes that won't sleep what do you say during those times, what's it for what's the meaning of the Rhymes what's the temp for none of it makes sense, pieces missing from the puzzle it's all so cloudy now my empmeness, … Continue reading Empmeness


Red is a color, not a flavor as some say red is hot even on a cold Winter's Day red can be a flower a passion or a taste A rose, a love or chili peppers on a plate red says "hello" it catches the eye red says "exciting" can't explain why I like red … Continue reading Red


Atlanta is innovation at its finest Things progressing at its shiniest Be it West End, Buckhead, Midtown Perimeter, Up or Downtown The northeast, southwest scene congested, but still seen As areas ever growing Progressive always knowing That there's still, more to come dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

The Mold

Because we are but clay, the Father wants to mold each of us. I am no exception. This is one that I wrote some time ago. I hope you like it. The Mold I don’t know who I am And that’s a good thing I can’t know who I am So how can I sing … Continue reading The Mold

Fantasy I’m in

You my man, my boo, my sheikh The one I stand under, the one who's protectin'me You're the sugar in my coffee The sweet in my tea Good to the last drop Oh taste and see You make my liver quiver My knees buckle too Oh how I love How you do what you do … Continue reading Fantasy I’m in