Becoming Me

This is so good I wish that I would have written it! Here is 'Becoming me' by Lillian

Accept it

We all want to be accepted by our peers, co workers, etc. But we should never esteem acceptance to the point of compromise. I used to fear rejection. Now, I see that Rejection is a compliment That I ain't your type I so glamorized acceptance Bought into the hype That "belongs" are longings To fit … Continue reading Accept it

United by Diversity

The spirit between us When we interact or play a game The feelings we have between us Is never quit the same It's as if we are communing Getting closer to each other Like you are my real sister And you're my instant brother From another mother. But yet we share the same space We … Continue reading United by Diversity

Ya can’t live here

I just woke up from this horrific dream! Or should I say nightmare. In the dream I opened my home to this family of four and their wet, pet dog in need of someplace to live for a while. As they began to move in, this woman came to the door with a clipboard. She … Continue reading Ya can’t live here