Hesitant Hello

Image courtesy of Pexels

Invited but not welcomed

Hugged but not embraced

These are the situations

That daily I come face

to face with those who pretend

To support and be my friend

When all of the while

Greeting me with fake smiles

After miles and miles

Of traveling with these folks

It is only now that I realize

It was I that was their jokes

Punched in my gut

As well as in my heart

I should have been guarded

When I met them from start

To finish they prove evil

With betrayals and such

I must not be so trusting

I must not put so much

Weight on the flesh

For man’s heart is full of deceit

I must trust Holy Spirit

When these stranger I do meet

Thank you for reading and following

dorothy’s page © 2022 D. E. Young


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