Little Ways

Image courtesy of Pexels

I see you in little ways

You don’t escape my view

I feel you on ordinary days

I like the simple things you do

A close parking spot

Especially when it’s raining

My nails after a fill-in

You are ever sustaining

My life on a daily

Keeping me healthy and well

Staying the hand of the wicked

Protecting where I dwell

In your presence

A place of comfort and peace

Yeah, I love the little ways

For heaven’s sake don’t cease

To sustain me

Watching over me day and night

Forever keep me in view

Forever keep me from flight

Or fight situations

Where I feel I must defend

Forever you’ll fight for me

Forever I will depend

On your help Father

My one and only friend

Keep showing up in little ways

I’ll be watching, again

Thank you for reading and following

dorothy’s page © 2022 D. E. Young

4 thoughts on “Little Ways

  1. I see Him in those little ways, too … like the close parking spot when it’s raining! Sending friends just when I need them. Yes! Good reminders that He is always looking out for us!

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