Fish Bait 🐠

Image courtesy of Pexels

We’re all fish bait

Trying to catch many fish

We’re all fish bait

Trying to do as he wishes


And swishing us around

Dangling in the water

Hoping to catch their attention

Their appetite to start a


Hunger and a thirst for righteousness

By which they might be filled

Increasing God’s kingdom

By doing God’s will


In this earth

That’s why we’ve been birthed

To bring in the draught

As Jesus says we ought


To dangle our lives

Before them with grace

The Father Will draw them

Through his favor to his face


The day knowing

You’ve been placed on a hook

So go be enticing and

Add more names to the book


Of Life that is in heaven

The Lambs’ book it is called

That none would be lost

But redeemed from the fall


Of Adam in the garden

The first family of mankind

Jesus was the bait

The Father used to rewind


The hands of time and space

Our sins he erased

To pass the torch to us

Or the line I should say


For we are the bait now

Our lives belong to him

So we attract the fish now

Now go learn how to swim


Thank you for reading and following

dorothy’s page © 2021 D. E. Young

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