My Husband

Image courtesy of Pexels

Is he the love of my life

Is he you in disguise

Is that you that I see

When I look into his eyes

My lover my friend

Stay true till the end

My knight my king

My all, my everything

Did you send him for me

To look after me here

Did you arrange our meet

So that he could be near

And dear to my heart

You’ve mended us together

Staged our first encounter 

When I wasn’t sure whether

Or not I’d fall for him

Find him irresistibly attractive 

Get giggly when around him

And school girlishly act as if

He was the only boy in class

I couldn’t take my eyes off of

You kept him muted and obscure

For you knew you would love

Me through him, my husband

For you were my first

You’ve satisfied my hunger

You’ve finally, quenched my thirst

Thank you for reading and following

dorothy’s page © 2021 D. E. Young

9 thoughts on “My Husband

  1. “You knew You would love me through him…” I like that. I feel the same way about my husband of 60 years… God loves me through him! Wonderful, isn’t it? ❤ Beautiful heart-felt poetry! ❤

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