Image courtesy of Pexels

Quicker than fast

That’s how fast God can move

For those ending their process

Those coming out of the school

Of profits; the trying of their faith

To see if they would stand

Those being delivered

From the heat of burning sand

Under their feet

Left by a pillar of fire

The One used in the wilderness 

The One used to inspire

Our footsteps 

Yes leading to the land

The land of promise that is

Surely you must be glad

That it is over

Glad that you finished the fight 

The one proving your faith that is

The one with those dreadful nights

So long and lonely 

As you traveled this road of proving

Having only his Holy Spirit 

Bringing comfort and then soothing 

Your cries in the night 

Your travailing if you will

The one challenging your belief 

The system you said you’d still

Believe even if he took all 

And placed it in fire

The refiner’s fire that is

The one burning off desires

To let the flesh rule

Lasciviousness run amuck 

Getting out of this fire

Required more than just the luck

Of the draw 

Or mere happenstance 

You had to purposely seek out

What the master had planned

For your life 

The one you’re living up high

Boy am I glad you’re free

Now take these eagles’ wings and fly

dorothy’s page © 2021 D. E. Young

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