Die Easy

Image courtesy of Pexels

You better die easy

Instead of trying to die hard

The longer it takes for you to die

The longer it takes to start 

Living the life God promised

One he predestined you to live

The one he purposed from foundation 

One he has for you to give

Of yourself 

What he’s put down inside 

What he’s gifted you with

That thing you just can’t hide

If you tried

To cover up if you could

That passion that burns inside you

That every time you wish it would

Just go away

And just leave you alone

But still it keeps calling you 

Telling you it’s time to come home

Is where your heart is

But it must be made right

For to house the Holy Spirit 

All flesh has to die 

To itself

And die to its will

Say no to temptation 

And let go of ill will

Towards selflessness  

Even giving to your hurt

Saying yes when it doesn’t feel good

And don’t bow to this dirt

Or this dust should I say

that we’re all made up of

With its insatiable appetites

for indulging in self love 

For it loathes discomfort

Crucifixes with its stripes 

It sho’ don’t like suffering 

Withhold it, there will be a fight

To the finish

Die early and die quick

I recommend you lay down

And get it over with

dorothy’s page © 2021 D. E. Young

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