Numiracly God

Image courtesy of Pexels

God speaks back to me

Through numbers in triplicate 

So when I see them together 

It’s an answer that fits

With the question I’ve asked

Something I’ve put on the table

He reassures me that

He’s way more than able

To do exceeding, abundantly 

Above all I can ask or think

Not just take me to the beach

But to Fiji with an umbrella drink

In my right hand 

And my man on my left

Bathing in his sunshine 

Loving more than just myself 

Esteem grows deeper

As I gain confidence in his signs

Each series of numbers

Remind me that it’s time

To pay attention closely 

For the triple digit is key

For my 444’s and my 222’s

Are confirmations you see

The triple places emphasis 

On what the meaning is

Only you and he may know

The number of your biz

Wizard and master of everything 

The stars, moon and signs

He created a whole book about numbers

So I’ll stay on my grind

And don’t allow 

Others to sway me

These numbers work

I won’t let you persuade me

To disregard the way he speaks 

Ignore the triplicate form

Cause now I’m seeing quads

Will this be the new norm

dorothy’s page © 2021 D. E. Young

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