I still believe

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I give up I surrender 

Raise my hands in the air

I’m ready to be arrested God 

Can you hear me from up there 

Has to be an end to this thing

This process I’m going through 

I’m put through the ringer it seems 

From here to Timbuktu 

Time’s passing me by

Decades have come and gone 

But I still believe there’s a future 

I still believe he’s on the throne 

Confusion, frustration, disappointment 

And fear rules most days

But I still believe God in this

I still believe he stays

Right beside me at all times

Yet pulling me into his plans 

I’m sure he has my best interest 

I’m sure he still stands 

Firm on his promise to me

What he said he would do

Sustaining me yet restraining me

Cause that’s what Love would choose 

To do because it never fails

Ever believing the best of all things 

Ever hoping and leaning forward 

Expectation always in the wings

Of a dove he gave his approval 

Gave his son a ray of hope

His calling reassured in baptism 

Fulfilling scripture in no

Uncertain terms did he let him down 

Leave or betray his trust 

So if Jesus believed while in process 

Then I guess that I must 

Trust the Father’s hand

Let him do what he does best

I’ll just wait for my change 

Yet believing while I rest

In his arms

Hold tight to his words 

Believing in anything else 

At this point, is absurd 

dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young

9 thoughts on “I still believe

  1. Yes, Dorothy, we must always “Trust the Father’s hand [and] Let him do what he does best” which is t[ guide us to our greatest good as He holds us in the palm of His ever compassionate hand. God bless you! Have a blessed Sunday ❤ Thank you fr this beautiful poem. ❤

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