In His hands

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I’ve held your heart in my hands 

For some time now

God placed it in my care

Yet hasn’t shown how

To keep it safe and well

Free of trouble and care

Blocking worrisome fear

From deep inside there

Must be a way to stop it

That pain can leave a scar

I want to shield it from hurt

Take it from near to far

Far away I’d place it

As far as the East is from the West

Ensuring only good gets in

Saving up only what’s best

What’s good for your life 

Avoiding confusion and strife 

Boy that would be nice

I’d really think twice 

About securing your heart

As the Father has charged me

Keeping it as he’s commanded 

It’s not that hard for me

To love you like he says 

To treat you like a king

Bringing pleasure to your days

And to your nights the same thing 

What keeps me going

Is that he has my heart too

So while I’m holding your heart

He’s holding me and you

dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young

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