Praise makers

Rocks rocks rocks

They’ll cry if they have to

If we won’t give him praise

The rocks will pursue 

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His holy presence making 

the atmosphere conducive 

Ensuring his essence welcomed 

Knowing he won’t be illusive 

To our grasp of him

As we seek his face daily

Knowing with bold confidence 

That he’ll show up saying 

Today is the day I’ve made 

So rejoice in it and be glad

Cause you ain’t seen nothing 

Yet faith in me you’ve had

Your heart on lockdown 

As your circumstances convey 

But have no fear I’m here

To anoint you this day

As you’ve been chosen

To walk in this grace

Yes, you’ll finish your journey 

Yes, you’ll finish this race

Is not given to the swift 

Nor those full of great strength 

No, this one’s for the ride or die

One’s that go to great lengths 

To give praise to their maker

Their sovereign Lord and King

Yes, praise is his dwelling place

To his majesty we do sing

dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young

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