Nothing’s gonna happen to me now

Till I’ve done what he’s said

My life is protected now

Till my destiny’s been feed

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Completely to me 

Not in parts but the entire whole

Till I’ve completed my life’s mission

My assignment, my soul’s

Purpose for being 

Why he put me on this planet

No I can’t die now

Cause that’s not how he planned it

Out from the beginning 

From earth’s true foundation

He knew end from beginning

He even knew which station 

In life I would be in

When and where I’d be born

He even knew what they’d call me

My name, the way that I’d be sworn

In as a judge or a counselor 

Applying wisdom in decisions 

Calling it like God sees it

With His grace and precision 

No, I’m not going anywhere

No time soon that is

I’m here till he says I’m not

Cause I’m spoke for, I am His

dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young

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