Eating My Words

Eating is a language 

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We all learn to speak

Some call it fueling

Others say it’s eat

Ting-ting goes the fork

Against the plate to lift

Into our mouths goes food

Or emotions from which to sift

Through the love, hate

And maybe even some tears

Some mild disappointments 

Disillusions and small fears

About the future 

What my life would be like

If I’d only waited to wed

Instead of having this life 

In which I’ve settled into

Cause I had no time to wait

For God was taking too long

The waiting’s what I hated

Watching “friends” get hitched 

Have a wedding if you will 

I wanted a wedding too

I wanted to foot the bill

Of a gown, veil, shoes 

And a big cake too

Well in retrospect now

That’s what we’d all choose

For ourselves for that day

Marriage for a Wedding’s sake

They all ended in horror

For only God can make

A union of two souls

Becoming one as one weds

For marriage is more than a dress

Way more than a bed

Undefiled is what marriage is

For the bible said so

Be sure He’s doing the joining 

So together you won’t go

On your own

Making decisions for yourselves 

It won’t be pulled asunder

By you, him or anyone else’s

Efforts – So you can see now

Why the food tastes so sweet 

A sutle hint of bitterness 

Everytime you eat

From someone’s cooking 

Prepared meals of the heart 

Close your eyes and listen 

Taste their soul, the speaking part

dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young

7 thoughts on “Eating My Words

  1. Oh, this is deep! I need to reread it several times to get it all! But, I am so glad 58 years ago that in fact, I did listen to my heart and hear/taste the speaking part of his soul .. and His, too! I was not pulled asunder, but heaven knows the Devil tried!

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