Not today

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The thief of my peace 

I will not let him be

I’ll fight to the death

Before he gets a piece of me

And my savior,

Jesus is his name 

For he alone fights for me

He alone is the same

Both Yesterday, Today

forevermore he does not change

He ever intercedeth for me

From His throne He remains

My comforter, my shield 

My counselor and my guide too

For it’s his word that protects me

From what the enemy would do

In my life if left unchecked

Seeking whom he may devour

Pouncing on my weakness 

Every sleep and waking hour 

His lying ways persist

Which is to steal, kill and destroy 

But I refuse to let him win

He will not steal the joy

Of the Lord from within me

which now is my strength 

The short and the long of it

No matter what the lengths 

That he goes to

To make sure I’m detained 

He won’t block me this time

No things won’t be the same

For I reckon that the sufferings

Of this world cannot be compared 

To the glory that awaits us

Yes, those who’ve prepared 

For the fight of our lives

Yes, that good fight of faith

No, the devil won’t win this time

Cause it’s on; I mean the chase 

dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young

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