By faith

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By faith. . .

Daniel slept on a big cat

Waiting for God to bring him out 

His sleeping was proof

That he believed without doubt 

Peter slept while under threat

Awaiting persecution from Herod

But an angel busted him out

He met his folks as they tarried 

Paul praised while imprisoned 

With Silas at his side

After a quake shook’em loose 

They were escorted out with pride 

Three Hebrews danced in a furnace 

Cause they would not bow down

Jesus joined them in the party

While they stood their ground 

You see, Faith’s a conviction 

Kept under dire circumstances 

Keeping you safe and undaunted 

Without second looks or 2nd glances

For we walk by Faith, and not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young

5 thoughts on “By faith

  1. Yes, by faith… not by sight. So important to remember during these dark times when we must by faith be able to shine the Light of God’s promises – His reassurances – to a troubled, doubting world. Thank you for your beautiful poem. It brightened my day. ❤

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