Thy Will

Looking for stability 

In an unstable place

Seeking for guidance 

Yet seeking his face 

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This nation of ours

Has surely lost her way 

So prayers must go up

That the day may be saved

For judgment is upon us

To reveal this heart of ours

As we became an alter

Beginning with the towers

Of babbel where

our speech was confounded 

As pride had arisen

Our God was astounded 

That at unity

We can do almost anything 

With heaven as our goal

We unite with one voice we sing

Jehovah please hear us

Give ear to our cries 

All sin we denounce 

To all darkness we deny

It’s prominence in our places

Our homes and our souls

Come near us Lord Jesus 

Come heal, make us whole

Bring peace to our land

Heal us now and again 

From here we repent 

We turn away from our sin

of apostasy 

Serving other gods 

Approving the dark things 

Our aloofness, our nods 

of indifference 

Turning our backs to abuse

The cries of our children 

Ignored and here’s proof

Positive that we

no longer care

Our babies in the streets 

Seeking love as they dare 

To surrender to the call

Of traffickers and pimps

For they know no better 

So to fools do they limp

Come Lord Jesus 

Come Lord come

Thy will be ours

Thy will, be done

dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young

5 thoughts on “Thy Will

  1. Oh my, it’s a wonderfully worded plea that expresses what so many of us feel in our hearts. I pray this prayer with you today. Oh Lord, hear our prayer. Grant us wisdom. Grant us peace in Jesus name, Amen!

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