The Lady

Graceful in her youth
She carries herself well
A lady of distinction
Without a sign you can tell

Image courtesy of

She takes no prisoners
No junk and no mess
She’ll confront your issues
And won’t settle for less

Than perfection in her profession
She’s on top of her game
Not a deadline missed
No one can proclaim

She’s slothful, trifling
Or doesn’t carry her own weight
Even her statue says otherwise
She’s undeniably straight

From the mold
Of a princess or a queen
With her red and white elephants
Eloquently seen

She stands out in a crowd
You can’t miss her physic
A true lady in her class
A beauty unique

In her smile when you meet her
With a glow on her face
There’s no one else like her,
A true lady in place

dorothy’s page © 2008 D. E. Young

2 thoughts on “The Lady

  1. I have used that pixel photo for a different reason on my blog. The full picture of her holding her veil with her middle finger eloquently extended gives a different image. But, in her cultured presence, I am sure that doesn’t intend anything derogatory. She really is a beautiful lady, isn’t she?

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