Out and about Searching the net Looking for perfect Haven't found it yet It's probably not true The way I see it is It requires a renewal Of how I see His Way of doing things And doing them right He knows, he started it He only has foresight Into the future And the end … Continue reading Renew

Becoming Me

This is so good I wish that I would have written it! Here is 'Becoming me' by Lillian

Secret Me

That piece of me That’s not like you Take it away And do what you do When you do that Thing that you do to Forgive to forget To release me from yet Another episode of me A crisis of be ing apart of this world Where truth is unfurled Revealed if you may So … Continue reading Secret Me

I am Enough

I never needed them To be who I be I would still be me Even if there was no he In the picture Or involved in my life I’d still be all that’s needed I’d still be alright By myself Or on my own And not just an adult But for real real grown dorothy’s … Continue reading I am Enough

Faith vs. Reason

Faith vs. reason How’s that a fair fight For reason has to see While faith has not sight Of the present Just what’s promised to be Living by faith Has challenges you see Taste, touch, feel And logic are tools That reason uses So don’t be fooled When faith says don’t trust them For they … Continue reading Faith vs. Reason