. . .Judgement comes
When I refuse to believe
What he said about a thing
That is sure to deceive

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Mere mortals
With just senses as guides
He tried to tell Eve and Adam
But they chose to decide

To do it their way
And test what he said
Now we’re all in a cycle
That will end in dead

works, dead harvest
And toil to make things work
If only we’d listen
We’d see that He’s worth

Taking heed to when
he gives wisdom about this life
Worth taking heed to
To avoid life’s strife

Sweatless success with every
seed a harvest and much more
That’s if it’s his way
Through Christ, the door

The door to his throne room
Access to his wit
Talking about a wealthy place
With him you’re sure to get

More than you could ask or think
Exceeding abundance for your eye
His storehouse is never empty
His warehouse is the sky

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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