Secret Me

That piece of me
That’s not like you
Take it away
And do what you do

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When you do that
Thing that you do to
Forgive to forget
To release me from yet

Another episode of me
A crisis of be
ing apart of this world
Where truth is unfurled

Revealed if you may
So they won’t stay
Hidden from view
From those of us who

Have been destined to triumph
Chosen to rule
The ones who hold the scepters
And govern with dual

Powers in two realms
Seen and unseen ones
Knowing what to do when,
how and when it should be done

So show me the parts
That’s hidden from my view
For they keep me from seeing
Me the way that you do

When you created me
In the image of your son
For if you can’t do it
It just can’t be done

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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