You’re the God
I didn’t start this mess
Just walked in my life
Saying you gon’ bless

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My going out
And my coming in
Open the windows of heaven
And start pouring in

The abundant life
And all that is good
From what I can see
It was understood

That you’re the God
The one to bring this to pass
I ain’t puttin’ my hands on it
You gon’ make it last

Without me worrying or fretting
Trying to secure your rep
You were God ‘fore I got here
You’ll be God when I’ve left

And gone to Glory
To leave this world behind
You gon’ fix this thang
I ain’t messin’ up my mind

Trying to fix
Something I ain’t broke
To keep from looking
Like a pure joke

To my family and friends
Saved or in sin

You’re the God
And that I guarantee
You gon’ fix this thang,
And not me

dorothy’spage © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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