Soul Power

You ain’t over me
You weren’t born to be that
Only God lords over me
And even he had to ask

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Me to come in
And let him sup with me
So you need to ask Him
If you can have a piece

Of this gift, this anointing
This favor or this grace
If you want to use some of this
You should seek his face

On the matter
And don’t check with me
I ain’t even my business
So you sho’ can’t be

The boss of me
If he already is
Both of ya’ll can’t run me
You can’t take what his

Son’s blood paid to redeem
To buy my soul back
For it is he that paid the price
It’s you that have the lack

Of power to help me to be me
You can’t help yourself anyway
I came here without you
I’ll leave here the same way

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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