Power over souls

Life does not depend on you
While I’m here
You ain’t the boss of me
Let’s make that clear

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

To the hearer
To those waiting in the wings
Ready to pounce on me
Use me for other things

Than what the Father intended
What He had for me in mind
For He has predestined me
To deal with your kind

Of perversion
Taking advantage of my meekness
He’ll peep your cards
Through me he’ll keep his

Promise to protect me
From the users and the haters
Those not for my good
Those quickly to forsake his

Word to walk in love
And not to walk in fear
They only want to control me
For themselves that’s too near

To their hearts
They’ll deprive themselves of pain
Surely they won’t suffer with him
And for surely they won’t reign

With the King of Kings
And the Lord of Lords
For they are their own gods
And they want to be yours

If you allow them they will
Take your soul, will, and thoughts
That’s too much for them to have
When they should only ought

To run their own lives
Or at least put it to God’s confine
For He’s the Boss of everyone
He says, “…all souls are mine.”

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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