The Paraklet

Without knowing you’re in trouble
Or even headed for a fall
You need the paraklet
To show you the wall

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That divides the two kingdoms
In which we dwell
For only he knows where doors are
The portals that tell

Us when we’re aligned with heaven
As the scriptures have described
Only he knows what to offer
And when to prescribe

The right antidote,
The right fix if you wish
He has all the answers
He can change what’s been dished

Out at you on a whim,
A notion; at a moments notice
That’s what he’s here for
So he can show this

Creature called man
That he ain’t all that
That he needs supernatural help
To assist in his tasks

Yeah we need a comforter alright
It’s evident in our proof
Or the lack thereof
Yet we still try and choose

What we think is best
How we want it done
That way man gets the glory
And the Father gets none

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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