Snakes too

Ready to bite at a
Moments notice
Salivating at the chance
To get to go this

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Far in the game
By stealing their trust,
For that is the key
For that is a must

Have if he’s to
For it starts the process
Trust starts the bleed

from the puncture
He’s inflicted with his bite
“It won’t be long now
I’ll make him look right

Into my eyes
Hypnotized by my power
Paralyzed with fear
Is how I’ll devour

This weak little vessel
This wimp of a being
He’ll have no idea
Or know how it seems

To look right
It seems to look good
But then it’s too late
For I’ve already took

The first bite
And am waiting to see
The poison set in
And start to decrease

Their ability to make
Decisions on their on
The seeds will come from me
But they’ll think it’s their own

Idea or what they
Came up with
Then they’ll act it out
While I say, “you did this”

Thing now you’re the
Guilty one
I just planted the seed
You took it and run

With it” Is how the
Game starts
So watch your gates
and guard your hearts

From the predators
Both big or small
Or you’ll be eaten before you know it,
Or won’t know it at all

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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