The Call

What do you want Just tell me I’ll do it Whatever it is You’ll help me through it I can’t do it anyway Without your consent It must be from you Or it will be a went Out on my own And what “I thought” Not what you told me Exposed, uncovered & caught Out … Continue reading The Call

Judgment Crusader

I could say you have a funny way of doing things You could say that about me too My ways are not your ways And that’s just a few Of the differences Between you and me The way we look at things The way you and I see The outcome or the end result Is … Continue reading Judgment Crusader


You gon' show them you God Without me doing a thing I ain’t gone have to work it Or whip up a scheme To show what you can do In the middle of my shame You’re God enough to do this To salvage my name My reputation As your child I don’t have to pump … Continue reading Us

The Making

I know who I am I know who I be I know who I am For he delivered me From the bondage of others Anxiety and the like He has opened my eyes With clear vision I can sight The enemy before he approaches Or try to make his move I can see him up … Continue reading The Making


I've lived in your world Now try living in mine Once outside of yours you'll see That this one's just fine And not so bad Like you thought This living without fears Without bondage to what ought To be done In a religious sort of way Seeing things as they really are And not as … Continue reading Welcome