You have so much to offer
You have so much to give
If only you could see it
Then only you will live

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To fulfill his plans
And purpose for your life
Without confusion, envy
Jealousy and strife

What He has for you
No man can take,
Steal, mimic
Or even imitate

You are uniquely you
No one else can be
For when God made you
There was no mold to see

From which he hewn you from
For he’s only just begun

To show you who you are
For to him you are a star

Far above rubies
Your price can be compared
For rare are your gifts
None have never had

What you bring to the table
Add to the team
You’re the glue that keeps it stickin’
No wonder it always seems

To go smoothly when you’re around
Not one note hits the ground

Yes, you’re special
If only you could see
The Father loves you too,
Not just me

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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