The Call

What do you want
Just tell me I’ll do it
Whatever it is
You’ll help me through it

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I can’t do it anyway
Without your consent
It must be from you
Or it will be a went

Out on my own
And what “I thought”
Not what you told me
Exposed, uncovered & caught

Out in the cold
Without protection or shield
Doubting my hearing, your voice
The yield

That I feel
Whenever you direct me
That pause that I feel
Whenever you arrest me

From moving on my own
When I get too wise
When my math is a little off
When 2+2=five

When I fill in the gap
I make the hole bigger
Driving without a map and
My thumb on the trigger

I can’t do this alone
This I confess
How do I do this on my own
This discovery process

Can’t you just tell me who I am
What you made me to be
I can’t fail who I am
If it’s the me from thee

Just tell me please
I won’t ask you again
Just tell me this time
And next time when

You make a request
I will understand why
For I’ll know who I am
And willingly comply

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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