My sanctuary
The place in which I dwell
My sanctuary
Where all is well

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With my soul
In this place
With my Lord
In this place

Of solitude
Serenity and grace
Where I see my Father
With open face

A place of refuge
And solace
Comfort, safety
And not less

Than security
Peace and full of his grace
Where all answers lie
In some form, in some way

Surely He meets me here
Day after day
Here in my sanctuary
Is where I shall stay

I plead for the answers
Of others I love
In search of your divine
Intervention from above

To give them your wisdom
And not what I think
That they may soar with eagles
And not sink

For you word is everlasting
Your foundation is sure
Your wisdom none can match
Your truth is always pure

So I come to my sanctuary
To receive your advice
To instruct the lives I touch
In my day to day life

I leave with confidence
Knowing when it’s all said and done
That victory is the outcome
In my sanctuary I’ve won

My sanctuary
My sanctuary
My sanctuary

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young


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