The Mysteries

Say it anyway
Who’s it gonna hurt
Just open your mouth
It knows how to work

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The words you need to speak
The verbiage and the tone
Just open your mouth
You’re not alone

I’ll say it for you
I just need your lips and tongue
Just watch me work from there
I’ve only just begun

To show you what I can do
And who I really AM
I’m a part of you now
The third of the Great I AM

Your comforter, keeper
Sustainer and friend
I’m here till eternity
Or until time ends

Either way you’re stuck with me
For the duration of this trip
I’ll make sure you travel safely
And that your foot won’t slip

For I have the blueprint
The map for your life
To your purpose and destiny
To arrive without strife

Or struggle
Or to work politics
I can do it debt free
Without any tricks in it

Just stick with me
You’ll arrive alive
Into eternal life that is
Zoe style

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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