They denied you
Lied to you
Disobeyed you
Strayed from you

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

Yea, but they came back

They went a whoring
Often ignoring
Sought other gods
Taught “He’s hard”

Yea, but they came back

Robbed from you
Then sobbed to you
Kept back the tenth
Supplied their own rent

Yea, but they came back

Cursed you
Didn’t rehearse you
Twisted your word
That it couldn’t be heard

Yea, but they came back

Made you look like a sucker
Broke all the rules
Spat in your face
You know that wasn’t cool

Yea, but they came back

Didn’t keep their part
Broke every pack
I guess because you’re good
Yea, they came back

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

10 thoughts on “Righteousness

  1. As long as there’s breath and blood performing their appointed duties, redemption is available. The fact that we’re all redeemable is often a hard principle to swallow. Look at Zacchaeus, the thief on the cross as examples of the redeemable quality in all human kind. Good post!

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