It’s not our job
To right the wrong
The injustices in the world
Bring music to each song

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

For we know not the difference
What’s good or evil too
The Father uses both equally
Benefiting some, others’ undoing

For he knows what it takes
To get his point across
To save lost souls
Ensuring none is lost

In a world of sin
Doubt and shame
All is done for his glory
To lift up his name

In the earth
As he did at our saviors birth

To send a go-between
In a man none has seen

Since his ascension
On high
As he was lifted
To the sky

To return again
The same way
But this time
To rule the day

And reign over all creation
His people, his flock, his nation

Of people chosen
from the foundation
To have a true relation

Ships not passing in the night
A real God and his people alike

Yes, made in his image
Born to rule and reign
But until we know how
He chooses just the same

Way a father does for his little ones
Until he knows they are truly sons

That will for sure fulfill His purposes
For sure give up our will for His

Mission, purposes and plan
That through each, another man

Can come to know Him too
Real fellowship, real love that’s true

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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