Keep your head low
While the fight takes place
Stay down!
If you wanna save face

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Looking up and being knowsy
Will get you killed
It’s His fight, He’s watching
He’s better skilled

At attacking the enemy
Striking the blows
He knows where to hit him
You only know

What you can see, hear
Taste, touch and feel
God knows beginning from end
And when he will steal

Kill, destroy, that’s his motive
If he can catch you by the head
You know, thinking, reasoning,
and worrying instead

Of trusting God and
His will for your life
When you get involved
All you get is strife

With confusion, conflict
And such
Anxiety, impatience
Fear and much

Fret and regret
Of how things will turn out
Just leave it to God
He’s in charge, no doubt

bout his intensions for your destiny
For its secure
So cheer Him on during the fight
Just stand, and endure

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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