My Oz

You make my heart lite
You make my heart sing
Making everything beautiful
Daily sunshine you bring

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To my morning
And to my evening too
All things become lovely
Cause I see them through you

Have vision and insight
Like I’ve never known before
You see the future clearly
I want to own it and more

Dreams I’ll have again
With my own plans also
What’s yours becomes mine
Where you go I will follow

The yellow brick road
As it leads me to destiny
For You are my Oz
Full of Loves’ wizardry

dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

29 thoughts on “My Oz

  1. I have an Oz with such promise for a Happy Today and even Brighter Tomorrow … such a blessing! Great imagery, Dorothy. I pray for your continued ❤️ lite ❤️ heart ❤️

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    1. Oz is a fictitious place of fantasy. It’s from the movie “The Wizard of Oz” where 4 travelers seek to find the wizard so that he can grant their wishes.
      It’s a fantastical magical place.


      1. As are you Dorothy and it’s true to share a life’s journey with someone who cares so deeply would be very lucky indeed.❤️☺️

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      2. Thank you I know someone would happily take your heart and give it all the love and nurturing it would ever need.❤️☺️

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