Are you with me, can you hear me
Did you hear my cry
A sigh of distress
When I thought that I

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Was loosing my cool
As well as my head
Did you see the tears
On my pillow, on my bed

I can’t feel your presence
Your touch or your peace
To know I’ll come out
With at least

A trace of your goodness
A shred, a residue
Something that I can tell
All is well with me and you

I need to know you’re with me
That you haven’t left my side
To know you’ve got my back
So I won’t have to hide

From the enemy
But face all with confidence
Use faith as my shield
No darts can get in it

To pierce my heart with fear
Which brings doubt and unbelief
If I can’t lean on you
Where else is there relief

I’ve got to trust
You’re still there
To comfort me
In these times of despair

When all seems the darkest
My burdens won’t lift
Then I remember
You work the night shift

8 thoughts on “Close

  1. I WISH I could write poetry as well as you! I haven’t attempted in years, but this was inspiring and beautiful and makes me want to! Maybe in a secret journal I will and one day you can give me feedback 😉 Amazing!!!

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    1. You know what? Up until 8 months ago, I hadn’t written poetry in about 3 years. I started this blog and started reading other’s work, and it all started flooding back to me. If you’ve done it before, you can do it again. If it’s in you it’ll come out.

      Just start with small rhymes and watch them build. You’ll be surprised at how even conversations or TV or ads start sounding like rhymes to you.
      Go ahead and put it out there. You’ll be surprised at the feedback you get.

      Liked by 1 person

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