I Wonder

I wonder what he’s like
Will he have an irresistible smile
I wonder what he’s like
When will I know, will it be for a while

Image courtesy of Pexels.com

I wonder what he’s like
Dark, tall, the usual physic
I wonder what he’s like
Will he sweep me off my feet

I wonder what he’s like
Playful, serious or somewhere in between
I wonder what he’s like
Quiet when he’s angry or will he make a scene

Is he meek and gentle
Treats his Mom with respect
Is he patient and kind
To those he just met

I wonder is he out there
Does he really exist
Is he imaginary only
Is he only a wish

I wonder what he’s like
The Father knows what’s in store
He can answer all the questions
Therefore, I wonder no more

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

22 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. Oh, just because the Father knows, that doesn’t mean you’ll stop wondering. Of course, you’ll continue to wonder until the “right one” steps into your life. But, when he does, you’ll know! ❤️👍🏽

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      1. Oh, I’m sure you have and will. Indications of your following “The Way” comes across clearly in your blogs. My effort at generic application wasn’t as precise as intended. God bless…

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  2. I wonder… Sweet and precious Dorothy, as you know English isn’t my native tongue and I wonder all that means, literally !… However, I feel so concerned about it, and deeply touched in my heart by each single word – Could I use my unability as an excuse to just brush it off ! – As a christian I feel led to meditate on what Jesus said about “hypocisy” … “Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue ! ”

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      1. That make sense to me, no doubt about it. Let me tell you honestly, God Knows the best for you. May I tell you a testimony related on that subject. I was very close to a dear brother in faith : he was desperately praying about the mate God has in store for him. He prayed, and prayed so hardly, until he finally broke before God and sayed: “Lord, I pray for a mate that will love you more than she would love me !” … And you know what ?… At the next christian meeting he met a girl who has prayed exactly the same way ! They’ve got happily married and now have two beautiful children. God is faithful, isn’t he ?

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