Eternal life is for living now
Not for sometime when
The pearly gates spring open
What’s the use then

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I want to live now
In this present age
Not take my stuff with me
Into life’s other stage

It doesn’t even work there
Can’t even take it with me
I gotta have it down here
It finally hit me

He wants me to live in comfort
Hence, “the Comforter will come”
He sent Him down here
Where it’s available to some

Who will take Him at his word
And adhere to his commands
Keep His statues and laws
He left them at hand

In His word
So we can read it
Research it
And repeat it

To those who think He’s cruel
And not good to His folks
I see now He’s a good God
I ignore those who poke

Fun at His way
Of bringing us success
Into His way of living
Free from duress

Wholeness; His peace
Is what He ordained
Christ started the process
Now we must maintain

What he began on the cross
And concluded when raised
He fulfilled all the covenant
To Him goes all praise

This life is for living
In the here and the now
Days of heaven on the earth
Years of prosperity, that’s how
dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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