Can You See

Is it plain
Is it clear
Can you see
As much as you can hear

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Can you imagine
What it’s like
To be in that place
Of clear sight

Will you know it
When you see it
Can you show it
Can you be it

That thing that you see
Could it be real
Could it be me

Out in front
In the line of duty
Teaching and telling the story
Of how you can do this

To them like you
Did it for me
Opened up the jail cell
Set the captive free

Free from people
Their likes and desires
Free from their plans
Agendas and how they conspire

To do with my life
What only you can do
To set me on course
And to see me through

I see where I came from
I see where I’ve been
How others fooled me
Whom I thought were friends

If I can see back
Can I see forward too
The promises coming to pass
One’s made of me from you

Can I see the future
And all that it holds
Can I see the new
Like I saw the old

It’s passed away now
I’m not what I used to be
A new creature with new eyes
But still, can I see

Can you see. . .

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

12 thoughts on “Can You See

      1. But, beware… we certainly cannot “… see the future and all that it holds!” That’s where faith comes into play! Just know Who holds the future – and fear not! ❤

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