Detailed Creator

God does everything in
Curves and rounded edges
No right angles in nature
No mountain hill or ledges

Show a strict
Or rigid side
Reflecting where Fathers
Mercy and Grace resides

Inside of all that he’s created
It’s revealed yet understated

What he’s made is
An image in a pattern
Intricately put together
Not mindlessly scattered

Abroad as if
Not well thought out
No, he’s a detailed creator
Every nuance he’s sought

To weave purpose
With well crafted design
Not even one duplicated fingerprint
In the history of mankind

dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

16 thoughts on “Detailed Creator

  1. I love physics Dorothy – love it. And things like the golden angle of growth which is found in many fruit, flowers, plants, vegetables is mathmatical genius. The physics behind the phenomenon of iridescence is just incredible.
    I do respect that people have free will and can choose to believe what they want – but it does astonish me when from a physics point of view there is so much evidence of design and order and clear intelligence.

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  2. Really loving this message which parallels what I heard in my quiet time. He said the world is His canvas! Powerful message and powerful dialogue in this comment section!!

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