State of mine

What do you mean

…don’t be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not?*

I’m holding on for dear life now
With everything that I’ve got

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So if I’m to be not weary
Then what should I be
Just tell me I’ll be it
It doesn’t matter to me

Which command you give
I know It’ll outlive

Disappointment disillusionment
Any dis or dat
Just tell me where to be, mentally
Cause I can handle that

I’m eager to hear
I’m listening real clear
And when you reveal it
To my heart I’ll adhere

*Galatians 6:9

dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

8 thoughts on “State of mine

  1. What should I Bee?? Not weary. Not depressed. Not angry or belligerent. Not a push-over. Bee what God created you to bee! 🐝 Strong, vibrant, loving, joyful, encouraging, peace-filled, active, compassionate. Ah yes, you are a gift! Use your strengths to strengthen others. Bee 🐝 an encourager!

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