Questioning questions

A curse or a blessing Which one are you Did you come bearing gifts Or did you come to use Me or even others You come in contact with Are you here to bring joy Or just dis-contentment Are you come To bring new life Bring deliverance Brew strife Tell me what's your motive Your … Continue reading Questioning questions

When willers wield

I call it witchcraft When the willers wield Cause they're trying with all might To keep me still Paralyzed yet open Hypnotized while broken I've risen above Gaining an arial view Devil I see you coming I'mma get you too When I get through with you Finish thwarting your plans Exposing your theifness And deception … Continue reading When willers wield

Glossed over losses

For years I stood blank . . . Is how Poet of the Light* Started his piece Paying homage to being slighted you see Or not to be truly seen By passerbyers and such Not really being identified as what I really am A small fragment of men Others portraying me Of how they've been … Continue reading Glossed over losses

Gettin’ dressy wit it

I don't know what to do With this body I Don't know my own strength I haven't really tested it out Never let myself went All out Bold out Go all Beyonce on'em And dress well my Ego Go and get me a Jay-Z And see where he'll go Then I'll go there too Rocking … Continue reading Gettin’ dressy wit it

Saving Smollett

Look at him, He's just a child Only been a man For a little while He needs knees Interceding for his win For the renewal of his mind Making him whole again Let's keep him Truly lifted in prayer Not allowing the enemy To leave him in despair #savingsmollett dorothy's page © 2019 Dorothy E. … Continue reading Saving Smollett