Questioning questions

A curse or a blessing
Which one are you
Did you come bearing gifts
Or did you come to use

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Me or even others
You come in contact with
Are you here to bring joy
Or just dis-contentment

Are you come
To bring new life
Bring deliverance
Brew strife

Tell me what’s your motive
Your agenda if you please
If you’re bringing in iniquity,
I’d ask you to leave

Who’s in your circle? In your inner sanctum? Try them by the spirit. See why they’ve come.
Right into your realm, entered your sphere. Just ask them some time, “Why are you here?”

dorothyโ€™s page ยฉ 2019 Dorothy E. Young

29 thoughts on “Questioning questions

  1. I find, we can’t be whole if we are not both. Is not the true test to learn to love and become our best? and who’s approved to judge anyways, however I believe we’re authorized to seek after those who stray. We walk in blindness because love requires it so that our inner faith can lead our way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. It’s not to know their purpose to judge them as it is to make mental adjustments. If I know why you’re in my life, I can conduct myself accordingly.

      Having cockroaches around builds the immune system. However, allowing them to continue to live in close quarters for too long can also become hazardous. That’s my 2cents.

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      1. Agreed. which is why I prefer not living around cockroaches.
        I believe we reveal our intent in peoples lives by our actions, and those deeds always speak more honestly than we ever could by repeating words of wisdom.

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