Glossed over losses

For years I stood blank . . .

Image courtesy of

Is how Poet of the Light*
Started his piece
Paying homage to being
slighted you see

Or not to be truly seen
By passerbyers and such
Not really being
identified as what

I really am
A small fragment of men
Others portraying me
Of how they’ve been

Made to see their world
Through what doesn’t make whole
Robbing others of
Seeing my true soul

having been. . . glossed over*

*site and piece of my inspiration

dorothy’s page ยฉ 2019 Dorothy E. Young

18 thoughts on “Glossed over losses

    1. Hello you! Yes. And you’ve had a couof visits to your site because of it. Yay! You’re welcome. And I am blessed because we’ve exchanged gifts. Thank you again for the tip.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘


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