Saving Smollett

Jussie Smollett image courtesy of singkick

Look at him,
He’s just a child
Only been a man
For a little while

He needs knees
Interceding for his win
For the renewal of his mind
Making him whole again

Let’s keep him
Truly lifted in prayer
Not allowing the enemy
To leave him in despair


dorothy’s page Β© 2019 Dorothy E. Young

33 thoughts on “Saving Smollett

    1. Yeah, the more I looked at him, I began to see the little boy/arrested development.

      Sure I jokes about, but I want him free. Pride/narcissism/Molly has him bound.
      Jail may work in his favor. The precipice to his breakthrough, hopefully.

      Once those “influencers” (pride/molly) are arrested, giving him a window of soundness to make a sound decision to surrender, God’s grace should kick in.
      That’s my prayer anyway.

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      1. Anybody that writes a check to fund a criminal act, is clearly under demonic influence. He doesn’t know any better. He’s a child doing what he’s seen the grownups do.


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