Don’t say it

Did you know that you don’t

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have to repeat
Everything you think and feel
Most times anyway it
doesn’t even appeal

To the hearer
So why say it
Don’t obey it

Just because it entered
In up here
Bringing upsetness
Into the atmosphere

If you speak it you release it
And that ain’t good
Keep it to yourself
In your minds neighborhood

Plus, it’s also good
For no thing or no body
Go flush it outta your head
Let peace be your hot toddy

just cause you thought it, don’t mean you bought it – dey’s publishing

. . .Therefore take no thought saying” ~Matthew 6

dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

15 thoughts on “Don’t say it

  1. Yup, we ll need that filter! Isn’t it a shame that we have someone in a highly visible position who doesn’t seem to have it? In head, out fingers to a Tweet. And they ain’t always very sweet!!

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